Robert J. Allison

My good friend Anouar Majid asked me to talk about Boston and New England at the Center for Global Humanities he has launched at the University of New England, in Portland, Maine. Great guests--students, folks from the Portland community, as well as Anouar and his wife Melissa.

"Save Our History" came to Boston, and we re-enacted the Boston Massacre.

On Friday, October 22, I stopped by the Fox 25 studio to talk about the 14th amendment with VB Goudie.

Here are some talks I have given at Old South, as well as our annual Boston Massacre Commemoration, with students from Boston Latin reading the original Massacre commemorative orations. They do a great job!


Robert Allison

Robert Allison is a Professor of History at Suffolk University in Boston, and also teaches in the Harvard Extension School. He writes about American history. He lives in Boston with his wife and sons.

Selected Works

A Free, On-Line course!
Here is a free, on-line course on Boston history we are developing. Open to all--join and learn more about this great city!
My most recent book.
A Concise History of the American Revolution
The Autobiography of an extraordinary man.
Concise account of the Tea Party.
A concise account of the event that touched off the Revolution
The life and career of the greatest American naval hero.
Very brief description goes here
First encounters between the U.S. and the Muslim World
A short history of Cape Cod, and the men and women who have lived on its sandy hills.
Lecture series--DVD or CD
A 36-lecture course on Colonial America.

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